Conquer Mandarin Chinese in 9 months!

I haven’t stayed in Taiwan for almost 2 weeks and got used to the living here. But the big trouble here is still Chinese communication. I learned to say “你好 (hello) ! 尼號碼? (how are you) 多少? (how much) 謝謝 (thank you), 哈哈 (haha) . 不客氣! (You’re welcome) and how to count number from 1 to 99. It’s enough for survival ha!

It seems like I study too slow ha. Yeah! first week was spent to find place and settle down. second week was spent to do some paperwork, go around. Still took some online videos, website to learn but it’s not concise and also not in process so just wasted my time.

Now I got the textbook from my course. The class won’t start until August 25. Let’s start some targets  in Taiwan:

September 2014: Basic conversation (Name, weather) – Going out, buy something, have food, know all name of food, feel more comfortable on the street.

October 2014: Start to talk more with locals about other topics.

November 2014: Got at least 95/100 test score & Communication well with locals.

December 2014: Start to listen to songs quite okay in Mandarin Chinese.

January 2015: Start to watch TV quite okay and read books.

February 2015: Start to write blog in Mandarin Chinese with some basic topic.   Got at least 95/100

March 2015: Communicate with locals without English, start with business objects

April 2015: No boundaries in writing, reading, listening, and speaking.

May 2015: Back up time!  哈哈!  Got at least 95/100, can communicate in Chinese international business field.


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